The Psychology of Cleansing

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If you've browsed through a health website recently, there's a good chance you would have come across an article on the benefits of juice cleansing - covering the many different ways a cleanse can help you feel better physically.

However, what is rarely discussed is that juice cleansing can also have numerous psychological benefits that continue to have a positive impact long after the cleanse is completed.

Psychological Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

1. Provides a physical and mental break from food (and decision making)

During a juice cleanse, you are giving your body and mind permission to take a break.

Most people don't realize how much time they think or stress about their next meal until this is no longer an issue. With a juice cleanse, there is very little or no preparation involved.

This is incredibly liberating to an individual's time and energy and related to a condition known as decision fatigue. For instance, it's become a well-known anecdote that while President Obama was campaigning, he ate the same meal every day to avoid having to think about what to eat.

In the case of a cleanse, all you need to do is follow the order of the juices that have been prepared for you.

2. Food is no longer on a pedestal

Often times, food is placed on an unhealthy pedestal in an individual's lifestyle.

In many cases, it consumes people's thinking because they believe they won't get this food again. During juicing, these foods are no longer a priority and the temptation to eat them is considerably easier to handle.

3. Maintaining commitment

Economic studies show that people who invest in juice cleanses tend to stick with it throughout the duration of the 3 day cleanse.

This is primarily because they have made the investment and hence, don't want to waste it. These studies are based on how people behave at restaurants - even though they are full, they don't want to throw away their food. Or, when people are in a relationship that is bad, they don't want to end it simply because they don't want to waste the time and energy they have already invested.

4. Community involvement

When those interested in partaking in a 3 to 5 day juice cleanse discussed their interest in doing so, they found others in their community sharing the same desire.

These others were either already participating in cleansing, or interested in learning more about juice cleansing. Not only does this help individuals feel more psychologically connected, but it gives them the confidence to move forward with their own goals.

5. Achieving your goals

It is often said that the most empowering part of a cleanse is completing it.

After all, going without food for 3 days is not a simple task and demands an enormous amount of will power. Interestingly, once you have gone through the 3 days, it then generally becomes easier to continue a longer cleanse as you have since reduced your dependence on food.


There's also no way of cheating during a cleanse and getting away with it. You know whether you complete the cleanse, and if you manage to get through it without cheating, you gain the self-confidence that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

So thinking about it in that way, a cleanse is not only the path to good health but also to succeed in life.